CO2NVERT is committed to true sustainabilty. This means we measure and verify our carbon footprint in great detail.

To our clients we provide certified proof of carbon-negative sourcing. Because we know that today’s consumers want to know.

Our Impact

How much CARBON DIOXIDE does CO2NVERT remove?

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Ethanol industry problems we are solving

Traditional, agricultural ethanol production is unsustainable.

CO2NVERT was born as a unique carbon-negative alternative that solves ethanol industry problems one by one.

Grey ball representing CO2 emissions


Agricultural ethanol production causes heavy greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide.

CO2NVERT's continuous carbon footprint analysis shows, by contrast, a removal of 3.12 kg of CO2 for every kg of ethanol produced.

The CO₂ we employ is directly captured from the atmosphere. We, furthermore, discourage new carbon emissions into the atmopshere by offering the possibility of technological substitution across the ethanol industry.

Pink ball representing biodiveristy


Traditional ethanol production directly harms the biodiversity of natural environments through intensive cultivation of those agricultural products needed for ethanol fermentation.

CO2NVERT, by contrast, in no way harms the environment.

Green ball representing land & water


Agricultural ethanol (bioethanol) requires enormous quantities of arable land and water.

It thereby directly competes with food production and water supply, raising the cost of both.

CO2NVERT is an opportunity to free up land and water for food production and offset the global food crisis.

CO2 Perfume:

Perfume created with CO2NVERT’s ethanol is both unique and carbon-negative.

It has no peers on the European market and it responds to a strong consumer demand for reliably sustainable cosmetics.

In a market space heavily impacted by premiumization and growing environmental consciousness, CO2NVERT provides a truly avant-garde solution.

Do you want to innovate your process?