The global sourcing of ethanol is 95% agricultural.

This type of ethanol production causes heavy emissions, destruction of biodiversity and soil erosion. It also deprives the food industry of water thereby raising the price of food.

Meanwhile, the world is facing unsustaniable levels of cabon emissions and industry is coming under government pressure to clean itself up.

CO2NVERT brings carbon-negative industrial chemicals onto the market, beginning with ethanol.

We ensure certifiably sustainable sourcing to businesses seeking innovation, competitive advantage and environmental friendliness.

CO2 Perfume:

Perfume created with CO2NVERT’s ethanol is both unique and carbon-negative.

It has no peers on the European market and it responds to a strong consumer demand for reliably sustainable cosmetics.

In a market space heavily impacted by premiumization and growing environmental consciousness, CO2NVERT provides a truly avant-garde solution.

Do you want to co-create a sustainable perfume?

CO2NVERT uses captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

This is where our carbon-negative lifecycle begins.

Carbon is removed directly from the atmosphere at high-concentration emission sites.

Carbon is extracted from carbon dioxide.

This makes it ready for our special catalytic process.

Carbon is combined with sustainably-sourced hydrogen under high pressure and temperature.

This is only possible thanks to a dedicated catalysts our team has developed and is now making more efficient.

The first carbon-negative resource we create is ethanol, a highly valuable industrial good.

We are also able to launch even more green chemicals onto the market, starting from ethanol byproducts.

Additional catalysts boost our diversification and make us even more competitive.

Perfume is an ideal first product for CO2NVERT.

The perfumes industry is begging for innovation and certified sustainability.

Its consumer base is acutely perceptive towards quality and added value.

Do you create innovative perfume or similar chemical products?