Notice in relation to the treatment of Personal Data on the website

The corporation Co2nvert SRL (hereafter Co2nvert or Owner), in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (hereafter GDPR, i.e. General Data Protection Regulation) and the Legislative Decrees 196/2003 and 101/2018 (jointly, the Privacy Code), provides You with the following information on the processing of Your personal data in Your capacity as user or browser of the website (hereafter Website).


Responsibile Data Controller

The Data Controller is Co2nvert SRL, incorporated at Via Giuseppe Giusti 2, Udine (33100). Contact email:

Responsible for data processing is Dr. Giacinto Tommasini of Co2nvert SRL, who may be contacted at the above email.


The purpose of data processing and its legal basis

Your personal data will be processed in compliance with applicable laws, appropriately, legally and transparently, for purposes listed below and according to the following assumptions of legality (Legal Basis of Data Processing).

Purpose of data processing Legal basis of data processing
Appropriate and thorough management of any communication or request on Your part sent to Co2nvert by means of the contacts listed on the Website The processing of Your personal data for this purpose is necessary to the performance of a contract or the performance of pre-contractual measures (to be understood in this context as the legal relation established between You and the Data Controller following upon a request on Your part) [art. 6.1.b, GDPR].
Fulfillment of legal obligations. Under certain conditions the law obliges us to make use of Your personal data (specifically, for communications provided for by the law or by administrative, bookkeeping or fiscal reasons, to inform You of any security violations which have affected Your data and of the measures undertaken by Co2nvert to manage such violations) The processing of Your personal data for this purpose represents a legal obligation (art. 6.1.c, GDPR).
Sending of information and documents in the form of newsletters or replies following pubblication of communications on the Website or social media platforms. The processing of Your personal data for this purpose is based on the legitimate interest of the Data Controller (art. 6.1.f, GDPR) to the protection of their own reputation as well as of the reputation of Co2nvert’s products and services. Upon Your request, the Data Controller will be able to provide You with information on the estimation of the abovementioned legitimate interest as conducted by the Controller.


Categories of processed data

The Data Controller will process the following categories of personal data of Your interest:


    • in case of Your communications or requests towards Co2nvert, Your personal data necessary for the proper management of Your communication or request (specifically, and according to the means of communications employed: name and surname, postal address, email, telephone number, image and voice), as well as any additional personal datum potentially contained in Your message or potential materials sent by You to Co2nvert;
    • any necessary data for the fulfillment of legal obligations (such as, for example, Your contact data for communications required by the law or law enforcement).


Data sources

Your personal data will be obtained by the Data Controller

    • directly from You and Your interactions with Co2nvert;
    • indirectly through data collection effected legitimately by third parties.


Nature of data provision

The provision of Your personal data for the management of Your requests represents a necessary requirement for the Owner to be able to follow up on any potential communication from You. Non-provision of data would determine the impossibility for You to see Your communications responded to (specifically, to receive reply to any potential request of Yours for information, assistance or meeting).

In other circumstances provided for by the law the provision of Your personal data for the fulfillment of legal obligations is obligatory as derived from legal regulations.


Manner of processing

The processing of Your data will be conducted by means of automated tools and others in manners consistent with the purposes of data processing, and, in any case, according to manners and procedures suitable for guaranteeing the security and the privacy of the data itself.


Categories of recepients of personal data

For the purposes listed above Your personal data may be communicated to


    • persons authorized by the Owner to conduct operations of personal data processing (employees or collaborators of the Owner);
    • persons responsible for data treatment named by the Owner (providers of computer, technological, communications services, as well as internet providers);
    • individual entities entitled to data processing (for the handling of Your requests: providers of telecommunications and web-based/online services, other corporations related to the Owner by commercial or investment contracts; for the fulfillment of legal obligations: public authorities).

Your data may, furthermore, be transmitted, according to law, to fiscal authorities, law enforcement agencies and judicial and administrative authorities for the determination and persecution of crimes, for the prevention of, and protection from, threats to public security, for enabling the Owner to verify, exercise and uphold a right in courts of law, as well as for other reasons connected with the protection of the rights and liberties of other parties.


Period of preservation of data

We preserve Your personal data for a limited period of time varied according to the purpose of preservation. At the expiration of this period, Your data will be permanently erased or in any case irreversibly anonymised.

Your personal data will be preserved in compliance with the following terms and criteria:


    • for the handling of Your requests, for a period of up to 24 (twenty-four) months from the proper and complete handling of Your request;
    • for the fulfillment of legal obligations for a period of up to 10 (ten) years from the conclusion of the calendar year in which the Owner has fulfilled the legal requirement, with the purpose of documenting and demonstrating suitable provisions for the fulfillment of obligations (e.g. suitable information of users or browsers in case of security violations which affect their data and of the measures adopted by Co2nvert to manage the violation).


For technical reasons, the cessation of processing and consequent erasure or anonymisation of Your personal data will occurr within 30 (thirty) days from the deadlines listed above.

The exception is represented by those cases in which the preservation for additional periods is required for reasons of litigation, due to requests from competent authorities or in accordance with applicable legislation.


Extra-EU/EEA transfer of personal data

Your personal data may be transferred to countries not belonging to the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) which, however, provide an adequate level of data protection as per the relative European Commission decisions (

The transfer of Your personal data to countries not belonging to the EU/EEA and which do not ensure adequate levels of protection will only be done with the establishment of prior agreements between the Owner and the recipients of the data containing safeguarding clauses and appropriate guarantees for the protection of Your personal data — so-called standard contractual clauses, themselves approved by the European Commission (, where the transfer of data is necessary for the handling of Your requests.


The rights of the interested party

You, as the interested party, have a right to

      • have confirmation whether personal data of Your interest are processed and, in that case, to obtain access to the data or the related information (specifically, the purpose of processing, types of personal data processed, recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data have been or will be communicated, period of preservation of data or criteria to determine it, existence of rights of rectification or erasure of data or limitation or objection to processing, right to notify a verification authority, origin of data, possible existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling, and, in that case, relevant information on the reasoning employed, not excluding the importance and expected consequences of that processing for the interested party, suitable guarantees adopted for cases of personal data transfers outside the EU/EEA), as well as a copy of that personal data, provided that copying does not prejudice the rights and freedoms of other parties (right to access);

      • obtain rectification of Your personal data, namely to obtain correction, modification or update of possibly inaccurate or no-longer-accurate data, as well as to obtain the integration of incomplete personal data, including through the provision of a supplemental statement (right to rectification);

      • request the erasure of Your personal data, specifically when these are (i) no longer necessary in view of the purposes for which they have been collected or processed, or (ii) have been processed illicitly, or (iii) must be erased for the fulfillment of a legal obligation (right to be forgotten). The erasure will not be possible in the case in which the processing is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation or for reasons of public interest or for purposes of verification, exercise or upholding of a right in a court of law;

      • obtain a limitation of the processing of Your personal data, namely that the Owner conserve such data without being able to use them. This right may only be exercised when, specifically, (i) You contest the accuracy of the personal data within a period necessary for the Owner to verify the accuracy of such personal data, or (ii) the processing of personal data is illicit and You are requesting a limitation of their usage rather than erasure, or (iii), although the Owner has no further need for the data for purposes of processing, You require the personal data for the verification, exercise or upholding of a right in a court of law (right to limitation);
      • obtain from the Owner that your personal data be processed according to a contract, in a standard format, as well as that they be transferred, where technically feasable, directly to a third party indicated by You (right to portability of data).


To exercise these rights You can address, in any moment, the Owner — Co2nvert SRL, Via Giuseppe Giusti, 2, Udine (33100), email contact:, to the person acting as Controller of Data, Giacinto Tommasini, addresseable at the preceding contact email.




If you believe that the processing of Your personal data has been effected illicitly, You have the right to raise a claim before the controlling authority (in Italy, the Garante per la protezione dei dati personali; for more information:

The claim may also be presented before a controlling authority other than the Italian one, if such controlling authority belongs to the EU State in which You habitually reside or work, or the authority of the region in which the alleged violation has occurred.


Cookies and similar technologies

With respect to the use of cookies and similar technologies by the Website, see the dedicated ‘Cookie Policy’ section.


Links to other websites

The Website may contain links to third-party website.

Co2nvert does not guarantee or recognise any responsibility with respect to the contents and information provided by these third-party subjects, with respect to the accuracy or integrity of these, nor with respect to the content of websites of these third-party subjects and the products and services potentially provided through these websites, nor with respect to the processing of users’ personal data conducted by these third-party subjects.

The current privacy policy applies exclusively to the Website of Co2nvert.


Changes to this policy

The continuous evolution of our activities may require changes to the features of the processing of Your personal data hitherto described. Consequently, this privacy policy may undergo changes and integrations over time which may also be required with respect to new legislative interventions in the matter of personal data protection.

The updated version of this privacy policy will be published on this page with the indication of the date of its latest update.


Latest policy update: 11 December 2022