CO2NVERT is inspired by a commitment to decarbonise industry.

We work to create a world in which sustainable industry and environmentally conscious consumption are everyday possibilities.


We create carbon-negative chemicals from captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen.


We make our clients and end consumers aware of their impact on carbon emissions.


We replace unsustainable methods of production and antiquated technology.


Dedicated entrepreneurs, financial and legal technicians, communication experts.
Our international team brings all-round expertise to carbon utilization.

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Paolo Licata

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Abolfazl Ziarati

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Christian Hulteberg

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Giacinto Tommasini

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Paola Zambano

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Luka Filipovic

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Martina Tomasetig

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Emanuele Crescini

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Marco Sialino

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Bajro Nuhanovic

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Iris ten Have


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CO2NVERT’s vision of sustainability has been actively promoted in the media.
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