Green Ethanol

We bring sustainable ethanol onto the market

More sustainable chemicals

We are also launching ethanol byproducts and creating additional catalysts


CO2NVERT receives captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the growing range of capture plants and suppliers.

This is where our carbon-negative lifecycle begins.

Carbon is captured directly from the atmosphere at dedicated plants. It can also be pre-emptively removed from industrial processes.

Carbon is extracted from carbon dioxide.

This makes it ready for our special catalytic process.

Carbon is combined with green hydrogen under high pressure and temperature.

This is only possible thanks to a dedicated catalyst our team has developed and is now making more efficient.

The first carbon-negative resource we thereby create is ethanol, a highly valuable industrial good.

We are also able to launch even more green chemicals onto the market, starting from ethanol byproducts.

Additional catalysts boost our diversification and make us even more competitive.

Perfume is an ideal first product for CO2NVERT.

The perfumes industry is begging for innovation and certified sustainability.

Its consumer base is acutely perceptive towards quality and added value.


Dedicated entrepreneurs, financial and legal technicians, communication experts.
Our international team brings all-round expertise to carbon utilization.

Profile picture of Paolo Licata, Co2nvert CEO

Paolo Licata

President & CEO

Profile picture of Abolfazl Ziarati, Co2nvert's Project Manager

Abolfazl Ziarati

R&D Executive

Profile picture of Christian Hulteberg, Co2nvert's Chemical Engineer

Christian Hulteberg

Technical Partner

Make your sourcing sustainable

Join our push to make industry sustainable by adopting carbon-negative chemical sourcing today!

Paolo Licata

President & Chief Executive Officer

We want to make a difference.

We believe in a sustainable present for a better future.

Climate change is upon us. People and companies can create change through the choices they make.

We promote the creation of truly sustainable products to save the environment. Think sustainable! 🍀


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