Tailor-made CATALYSTS

We develop catalysts on-demand

CO2 capture tech & Electrolyzers

For a carbon-negative lifecycle from capture to delivery


How do we do it?

CO2NVERT uses captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

This is where our carbon-negative lifecycle begins.

Carbon is removed directly from the atmosphere at high-concentration emission sites.

Carbon is extracted from carbon dioxide.

This makes it ready for our special catalytic process.

Carbon is combined with sustainably-sourced hydrogen under high pressure and temperature.

This is only possible thanks to dedicated catalysts our team develops on-demand, from formal design to efficiency optimization.

Having proven our developmental powers with ethanol, methanol and methane, CO2NVERT is developing catalysts for a multitude of industrial verticals.

CO2NVERT’s catalysts are capable of providing Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Sustainable Marine Fuels and E-Fuels, among others.

Chemicals created by CO2NVERT’s catalysts can be employed in any industry in which their unsustainable alternatives are used.

CO2NVERT’s ethanol, for example, can be readily employed in perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

CO2NVERT’s methane can be used in the energy sector.


Dedicated entrepreneurs, financial and legal technicians, communication experts.
Our international team brings all-round expertise to carbon utilization.

Profile picture of Paolo Licata, CO2NVERT CEO

Paolo Licata

President & CEO

Profile picture of Abolfazl Ziarati, CO2NVERT Project Manager

Abolfazl Ziarati

R&D Executive

Profile picture of Christian Hulteberg

Christian Hulteberg

Technical Partner

Make your sourcing sustainable

Join our push to make industry sustainable by adopting carbon-negative chemical sourcing today!

Paolo Licata speaking

Paolo Licata

President and Chief Executive Officer



We believe in a sustainable present for a better future.

Climate change is upon us. People and companies can create change through the choices they make.

We promote the creation of truly sustainable products to save the environment. Think sustainable! 🍀



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